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Springfield Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Overwhelming, unmanageable debt can be both embarrassing and frightening. No one wants or should have to choose between keeping up with mounting bill payments and feeding their families, but unexpected life circumstances like a divorce, loss of income, or injury can result in unanticipated financial burdens. The COVID-19 pandemic has made both job losses and exorbitant medical costs more common, creating even more scenarios where you are suddenly awash with unplanned debt. You do not have to shoulder that burden alone. Though the practice of filing for bankruptcy has become unfairly stigmatized as a sign of weakness or failure, it is actually one of the most powerful tools in helping individuals reclaim control of their lives from debt and build toward more stable financial futures.

Why You Should Hire An Attorney

While you can technically file for bankruptcy on your own, it can be easy to make errors in your filing that could jeopardize the success of your application. You may also be required to negotiate with creditors and a bankruptcy court. To leverage the maximum benefits bankruptcy can offer, you will need the legal services of our Springfield bankruptcy lawyers at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC. Together, our attorneys have more than 100 years of legal experience and can help strategize on how to best preserve your assets as you prepare to enter bankruptcy. Our goal is to help guide you toward a fresh financial slate while keeping your financial estate as intact as possible.

Helping Our Massachusetts Clients Navigate Liquidation Bankruptcy

Bills do not stop if you experience a devastating personal injury or abruptly lose your job. Both these and other depressingly plausible incidents can radically transform your previously healthy financial situation. Things can get even worse if, for example, you are hit with expensive medical bills, but your inciting injury has also kept you from working. This can mean your household may be faced with significantly higher bills but drastically lower income, quickly leading to a seemingly inescapable cycle of debt.

Scenarios of this sort, where a household has little to no disposable income and is consequently accumulating debt, can be potentially helped through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as liquidation bankruptcy. The term “liquidation bankruptcy” might sound intimidating, but Chapter 7 can help you escape crushing debt and even save your home from foreclosure or your vehicle from repossession.

Our Springfield Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC, can help determine if you qualify and prepare the necessary financial documents. We can help you formally file and give you legal guidance through each phase of the process.

Experienced Assistance With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our partner attorneys at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC, have over 100 years of collective legal experience, much of which has been devoted to assisting our Springfield clients relieve their debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We have a complete understanding of the state’s bankruptcy systems and can help you avoid common errors while maximizing the benefits Chapter 7 can confer to your financial situation.

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