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Experienced Legal Representation For Landlords And Tenants

Real estate matters are complex and require a high level of attention to detail and knowledge of the laws. It is, therefore, a risky endeavor to proceed without knowledgeable legal assistance to represent your best interests.

The lawyers at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC, provide professional and comprehensive legal advice and representation in various areas of the law and have more than 100 years of combined experience. When it comes to evictions, we have a unique perspective to address a case as we represent both landlords and tenants, and a deep understanding of the laws and procedures involved. Our attorneys also take cases from other areas of the law, such as criminal cases and premises liability accusations, which provide us a unique position of the legal issues we address.

Skilled And Dedicated Legal Guidance Through Every Step Of The Legal Process

Evictions law is complicated, and cases can quickly turn against the party requesting legal action if all laws and procedures are not strictly followed. For instance, a tenant could fight and prevent an eviction if a landlord failed to follow due process. In addition, eviction processes are expensive, which makes it even more important to have knowledgeable legal counsel and guidance to address your legal needs.

We help landlords in the following cases:

  • Handling of evictions based on non-payment of rent.
  • Assistance with requests before the court to evict tenants due to breach of lease (misuse or severe damage of facilities, and others).
  • Protection of landlord’s rights and evictions based on a tenant’s illegal conduct (criminal acts like vandalism, drug-related, theft).

We help tenants protect their rights and address their legal needs in the following cases:

  • Discrimination claims and all aspects related to the Fair Housing Act.
  • No-fault evictions and assistance with resources such as stay of execution.
  • General consultation to discuss your rights as a tenant.

Errors in an eviction process may add to the financial expense and stress. That will not happen when our team of skilled attorneys takes your case and works with you.

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