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Premises Liability And “Slip and Fall” Injuries

According to Industrial Safety And Hygiene News, slips, trips, and falls make up 25% of all workplace injuries requiring time off work to recover. Those who are not employed by the establishment can also fall victim to such injuries.

Perhaps a routine trip to the grocery store ended in injury due to the negligence of the associates who failed to clean up a liquid that was spilled in an aisle you traveled down. Maybe you entered a public building through an icy walkway that had not been properly shoveled or salted, resulting in back or head trauma triggered by a fall. Whether inadequate lighting, slippery surfaces, spilled liquids, cracked walkways, or other factors contributed to your slipping and falling, you have the right to explore your legal options and potentially pursue compensation. It is critical that you understand your rights as a victim if you have experienced a slip and fall accident.

Injury Compensation For Dog Bite Victims

If you or a loved one were bitten by a dog, you may have an injury claim for compensation. In the state of Massachusetts, the owner of a dog may be liable if their dog injures someone else. This applies as long as the dog caused an actual personal injury and the victim was not trespassing, committing a civil wrong, or otherwise provoking the dog. If the owner failed to take action to prevent the dog bite, the injury claim can be brought under a negligence claim. However, even if the owner attempted to prevent the dog from harming others, Massachusetts’ “strict liability” statute can still hold the owner accountable.

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