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Have you recently been arrested for an OUI?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Firm News, OUI

It was just a night out that turned into a horrible nightmare. A few drinks later and you are getting pulled over, tested, and arrested. This is a horrible situation that happens to many people who have little to no experience in the criminal justice system. Our experienced lawyers have tried OUI cases with success. In many cases our lawyers do not have to even take your case to trial in order to get it dismissed.

An example of this is a man pulled over at an OUI checkpoint, admits to state police that he had more than a few drinks and subsequently is arrested for OUI. Our legal team was able to prevent his statements from coming in at trial due to a technical error by the State Police Officer who stopped him. The prosecution quickly realized that without his statements at trial they could not prove their case and it was dismissed. His bad night became a fading memory for him with our help.

This is just one of many stories we have of real success stories in preserving the rights of our clients. Let us preserve your rights and take that bad nightmare and make it so that it never happened.