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Having a criminal charge hanging over your head can be terrifying, embarrassing, and stressful. You may be concerned about your future and what could happen to your loved ones if you lose your driver’s license, are slapped with enormous fines, or even face jail time. It is easy for relationships to suffer in the fallout, and, on top of everything else, you can even lose your job.

Few situations in life are more frightening than being charged with a serious criminal offense. Such offenses can carry mandatory penalties, or years in prison. From the moment you become a suspect, you need an experienced, qualified lawyer on your side to combat the incredible resources which the government will bring to bear on you. Everything you say to law enforcement can and will be used against you. At Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC, we know how to guide you through the entire criminal process. We know that your life and your freedom are on the line and we are prepared to go the distance to defend you.

Facing A Felony Or Misdemeanor In Massachusetts

A felony is a crime which carries a possible state prison sentence, including crimes that are violent in nature. A felony charge is gravely serious, as punishment in the state of Massachusetts can extend to life in prison or even the death penalty, in addition to court-ordered restitution and other fines. A misdemeanor generally includes everything else. These charges are fundamentally less serious than felonies, but a conviction can still lead to jail time and costly fines.

A criminal record of either misdemeanors or felonies can have dramatic, sometimes unexpected impacts on other areas of life beyond any punitive consequences ordered by the court. Depending on the nature of the offense, it may be harder to enroll in school, apply for an apartment, or obtain meaningful employment.

While the U.S. Constitution guarantees you a public defender in a criminal trial, you deserve the exceptional services of our legal team at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC. Together, we have decades of trial experience and will work vigorously to defend you and your rights in court, no matter the offense.

Understanding Massachusetts Traffic Tickets

Discovering a traffic ticket on your windshield or receiving one in the course of a traffic stop can be one of the most aggravating elements of driving. That irritation can quickly get worse if you realize your ticket includes a civil or criminal charge – or both! The state keeps a record of your incidents and, should you accrue too many, may attempt to revoke your driver’s license.

Getting a civil infraction generally means you have made some form of minor violation to a driving or traffic rule. Civil violations can include speeding, disobeying a traffic sign and failing to execute a turn signal. These types of tickets can typically be resolved through paying the prescribed fee within 20 days of receipt. However, it is possible to lose your license in the state of Massachusetts if you accumulate 3 civil infraction tickets for speeding within a 30-day period. Depending on the severity of the incident and the discretion of the law enforcement officer, you can receive a misdemeanor or felony charge for a criminal infraction ticket. If convicted, you can face jail time, hefty fines, and extended or permanent license suspensions.

Facing Criminal Charges And Don’t Know Where to Turn? We Can Help

It is crucial to remember that you deserve the best legal representation possible when considering who should defend you in your criminal case. Our Springfield criminal defense attorneys at Hare, Stamm, Harris & O’Connor, PLLC, are equipped to handle all kinds of cases, from DUIs and OUIs to traffic ticket violations to felonies including homicide. Our years of litigation experience and outstanding track record in defending our clients can be put to work for your case. We pledge to leave no stone unturned as we work every possible to angle to achieve a favorable outcome to your situation.

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