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Legal Representation In Business Litigation

No business owner wants to be subjected to a business-related lawsuit. Business litigation cases are often complex, and the effects of a court decision on a business can be wide reaching. A lawsuit can damage your reputation and brand, and can result in high costs. However, despite your best efforts, you may end up in a position where litigation is necessary to resolve a dispute. If you or your company’s rights are not being respected, you deserve the chance to fight for the outcome you need.

Types Of Business Litigation

If your business has been forced into litigation, you need a strong legal advocate to champion your interests. Whether you need to defend against accusations or pursue a lawsuit to right a wrong, an experienced business litigator can work with you.

Some common situations that can result in business litigation include:

  • Vendors refusing to honor a legally enforceable contract
  • Customers claiming you engaged in deceptive business practices or fraud
  • Employees brazenly violating the terms of their non-disclosure agreement
  • A third-party wrongly deciding you have violating an agreement despite clear evidence to the contrary
  • Disagreements between partners or shareholders on how to run the business
  • Employees wrongly claiming discrimination, harassment, and other employer violations
  • Disputes involving intellectual property infringement
  • Liability claims if a visitor to your workplace is injured or if a product you produced injured a customer

At our law firm, one of our greatest assets is our litigation team. Our Springfield business attorneys boast over 100 years of collective legal experience. No matter the circumstances, we can give you and your business the advocate you deserve.

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